Located in Winter Garden, Florida yet covering Central Florida, My Clutter Control is a professional organizing company that helps you implement an organizational system in your home or office.  WE GET YOU ORGANIZED, to stay organized! So you can SPEND LESS TIME OVERWHELMED and more time focused on the things you love... may it be family, being outdoors or perhaps whittling wood!


- De-Cluttering Homes and Offices
- Staging Homes for Resale
- Downsizing
- Packing and Unpacking
- Paper and File Management
- Storage Solutions

- Organizing Consulting
- Monthly Maintenance


- Simplify your life of clutter and stress

- Simplify your to do's

- Save time looking for things
- Save money by knowing what you already have

- Less impact on the planet by reduced future purchases


You must want the change and take part in the organizing process. Believe it or not, it can be fun... definitely liberating! 


We come assess the situation for free, decide your goals and estimate how long they will take and what type of supplies we'll need, if any.


The fun begins... we begin sorting and organizing!  As far as getting the clutter out, there are many different options that will be discussed during the consultation. We go until the job is complete or you feel we've tackled everything you need!

STEP 4: WE RECOMMEND MAINTENCE IF NEEDED (based on an hourly price)

We like to come back every 1-2 months to see if your system is working for you. We make any minor adjustments and help keep the clutter down because let's face it our lives are constantly changing and so is the need for your organizational system!


Over the years we have learned it's hard to determine exactly how long a project will take. Our prices are based on an hourly rate.

We keep track of the hours after each session until our goals are meet and the job is done! The longer we organize the better the rate!
We accept Check, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay and Pay Pal for payment.

1-2 HOURS: $75.00

3-4 HOURS: $64.00

5-6 HOURS: $59.00

7-8 HOURS: $54.00

9-24 HOURS: $53.00

25-40 HOURS: $52.00

41+ HOURS: $50.00



1 DAY (8 HOURS) = $432    |   It's truly amazing what can be done in only 1 day, often an entire kitchen and pantry! 

1 WEEK (40 HOURS) = $2,080  |  It's common to complete a 3 bedroom & 2 bath home in just one week!

MAINTENANCE CAN BE ONLY A FEW HOURS= @ $100  |  We focus on anything that needs to be put away, reworked and additional purging! 


We offer Gift Cards in any amount.

Email or Call us today to scoop some up for your favorite people!


" LeAnn is a great person to have when working on the most intimate parts of your home! After spending time with her, I feel like a lifelong friend and I never wanted her to leave! She spent most of her time in my kitchen after we moved in and worked wonders on my clutter. I love that she gave me all her attention, for all seven hours!! LeAnn is very conscious of how we operate our daily lives and makes sure that everything she does enhances our wellbeing. Thanks so much :) <3 "

- Talia B.  |   Oakland, FL

"If you were a quest at my home, you probably would not have known that my house suffered from severe clutter and disorganization. Out of site out of mind. It was very frustrating not knowing where anything was or even what we had. It was time to do something about it and knew I couldn't do it alone... I needed a professional. I worked with LeAnn from the MCC team. Within the first 15 minutes of our initial meeting, she had me so excited that I could not wait to get started. Something I put off and dreaded for four years, I didn't want to put off another minute. We tackled one room at a time, went through all its contents and decided to either keep it or yard sale it. She coached me along the way. At the end of the experience, I had no regreats on the items I got rid of... I had at least two of everything. Anything we kept, LeAnn knew the perfect place for it and we re-purposed a bunch of the items too. Oh and the yard sale (my first one ever) was a huge success... talk about return on investment!
The end result is a happy, clutter free, organized home that's easy to keep that way!"

- Lindsay H.   |   Orlando, FL

"We needed some major help de-cluttering and organizing as we were in the process of staging our home and putting it for sale. With 3 children 4 years and under, our once lovely family room had turned into their playroom, with toys in just about every corner. LeAnn came in and helped us sort through all our toys, (and got rid of some as well) and created great storage areas throughout the room. We have our room back thanks to LeAnn and My Clutter Control, and realtors and buyers rave about our room!"

- Avi & Chad E.   |   Tampa, FL

"LeAnn is a joy to work with. I asked LeAnn to help me design a photo studio for shooting web images. She came into a rough corner of my warehouse and made it happen. She has an-easy-to-work-with personality that is heavy on the work (ethic). She has great balance between taking charge of the project and listening to all of the requirement details and suggestions from the owner. She is also, of course, very organized which makes communication of her plan very straightforward.

LeAnn Is also great with systems and processes. She master minded the image review and editing process that allowed us to shoot and edit over 15,000 images last year."

- SportsWired Retail   |   Gravette, AR

"Leanne was a true professional in every aspect of her work. She uncluttered our life in her friendly, kind and considerate way. She did a great job and my wife and I were very happy with the outcome. Highly recommend Leanne to everyone."

- Dennis & Camille   |   Stuart, FL

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